Becoming a finalist on the BBC1 TV show Best Home Cook was the catalyst to pursue the life of my dreams. It’s only when you are challenged, and pushed to your limits, that you discover what those limits are and with that experience comes growth and you develop greater limits. I’ve always had a love affair with food throughout my life, and that achievement gave me the confidence to take the plunge – not only to gain professional training and qualifications but to make food my career and lifelong vocation.

I was born into a food obsessed family, and was always very greedy so the passion to learn was very natural. I was taught at the elbow of two exceptional cooks, my mother and my paternal grandmother. We were brought up by our grandparents, who came to Britain – the West Midlands – in the early 60s from the Punjab in India; when my dad was 12 years old. The way they did things had a huge influence, they grew their own fruit and vegetables, and what they didn’t grow they’d get from friends; I remember taking delivery of a massive bunch of rhubarb from one such acquaintance as a little girl.

There was minimal waste, and we always ate seasonal produce. I remember yoghurt being cultured near the fireplace, they always cooked from scratch, we had traditions like chips and gravy every Friday, ’desi’ fruit crumbles and bread & butter pudding with lashings of Bird’s custard were often on for pudding. Grandad even built a tandoor in the garden. We always had a house full of visitors and friends. There was a real sense of community and belonging defined by the sharing of food.

What excites me most is to showcase the home cooked food of second generation British Indians, not only the classics but also the hybrid food that takes the best of my British roots and Punjabi heritage and brings the two together in a delicious alchemy.

Come with me on this path of discovery, not only to share my cooking knowledge and teach you how to cook, but also to nourish and feed you through supper clubs, and help you to celebrate your special occasions via private dining experiences.

This is my opportunity to give back to the community and the country that raised me, and spread love through food.