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Freezable Sauces

Get Ahead!

We are all time poor these days, and it’s easy to reach for convenience food during the week, but it doesn’t always leave you feeling great afterwards.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is knowing you are coming home to a fresh home cooked curry. So my short cut to a ‘curry in a hurry’ is to freeze the curry bases and make ahead. This way all you need to do is defrost the night before, heat on the hob and simply add the meat or fish and cook through. If you also make the chapatti dough the night before and refrigerate – it will keep for 2-3 days – it’s so easy to make fresh Indian breads to go with; when the dough is waiting in the fridge, beckoning…

So all you need to do is take whichever type of curry you want – remember each has a slightly different spice blend – to the ‘tarka’ stage, cool, place in tupperware and freeze. Just be sure to label and date it.

Sarah xx